Apollo is a true seigniorage share model decoupling volatility and ensuring absolute stability while capturing the value of a world wealth index from a basket of stable assets, creating a future proof and innovative digital asset.

We allow one token to be maximally stable and the other to be extremely volatile by utilizing a third token to act as an intermediary.


Decentralized finance and blockchain technology was meant to provide solutions to the many problems facing traditional finance including lack of transparency, centralization, corruption, inefficiency, manipulation, volatility, and large overhead costs. All of these weaknesses are paid by users through excessive interest. Smart contracts and DeFi lending solutions can solve these issues but are lacking a decentralized collateral source that is stable. Apollo aims to be the solution to the collateralization of DeFi through a model of true seigniorage where there is no compromise between growth/volatility and stability. Rather, both growth and stability are optimized and exist separately while functioning collectively.

AOX, AOY and AOZ are standard ERC20 tokens with no cumbersome functionality.

Maintain Value

AOY faithfully pegs on $1.00

Forward Looking

AOX is not tied to any single legacy system and will adjust with the future global economic landscape.

Decouple Volatility

AOY utilizes the rebases from the volatile AOX in order to grow over time. AOZ bridges the two.


Ashwin Somasundaram


Austin Masterson


Aatash Amir

(Operations Advisor)

Ian Arden

(Technical Advisor)

Mark Sgambelluri

(Financial Advisor)